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Our Team

David Brookes

Founder & Director

David Brookes, the UK’s owner and expert social engineer. He was a dentist until 09/02/2021, and switched his career to cybersecurity as he loves it more. He has a keen interest in coding and social engineering. He is also responsible for recruiting the team you see on the following pages. His accreditations are BDS Dentistry UBham 2006, MBCS 2023, introduction to ethical hacking December 2022, Cybersecurity Technician with Firebrand April 2023, and Eduonix ethical Hacking May 2023.

Jobyer Ahmed

Senior Consultant

Our most senior consultant, with over ten years of experience in cybersecurity and often lecturing on the topic, Jobyer, holds the OSEC 3 qualification (a rare qualification). He also has other prestigious credentials, such as OSCP and Pentest+. His main skill set includes Vulnerability Assessment, Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Malware Development. Jobyer was Featured in several newspapers for his skills.

Angu Hari

Penetration tester

Angu is a cyber security enthusiast with several years of interest in Penetration testing, Malware analysis, and threat hunting.

Soumya Ranjan Panigrahy

Cyber security expert

Soumya is Indian based and ethical hacker. He works as Chief Information Security Officer for the Indian Government.

Mehedi Hasan

Security analyst

Mehedi from Bangladesh MSC (Science) BSC (Science), has several years of cybersecurity experience. He is CEH Certified.

Ganesh A

Security analyst

From Hyderabad in India, Ganesh has had an interest in security consulting for almost five years now. 

Pulkit Thakar

Defensive expert

Pulkit Thakar has over 6 years of experience in hunting threats. He is best at various defensive tools and techniques such as Splunk, Qradar, Cortex XSOAR, Phishing, and malware analysis.

Krystof Kosinski

penetration tester

Krystof, our colleague from Poland, started off in Biology and cognitive sciences, and in 2013 redeveloped as a cybersecurity penetration tester.

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