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Cybersecurity is not a luxury

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Employing Offensive Tactics for Cyber Attack Defense

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Protecting Business from Cyber Attacks

Do you value your business assets in this digital world? Are you concerned about what would happen to your company if a cyber attack compromised it? Well, join the club, the US military, the US power grid, and most companies fear it too. What if I told you there was a way to discover the flaws in your security by one of the good guys before the bad ones exploited the threats you may be sitting on? What value do you place on protecting your business assets?

UK CyberShield by David Brookes is a dedicated Cyber offensive service designed to proactively find weaknesses and flaws in a computer system that the owner may be unaware of. We achieve our objectives by simulating real-life attacks and thus posing as threat actors, which is about as close as a company can come to a real-life attack. In a world where IT is the new norm, cyber-attacks are ever on the rise, and companies are becoming aware that a cyber-conscientious approach is ever the more necessary. We proactively seek to find weaknesses and provide company recommendations based on our findings.

Part of Brosply Ltd, its parent company was established in September 2021

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Our solutions

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan systems routinely and on a regular basis to find flaws and weaknesses the owners may not be aware of

Penetration Testing

Ever wondered how companies get hacked? We utilize the same tools the “black hat” hackers use to identify if an assault could be made on your security in its current format and recommend ways of fixing them or companies that can help with fixing them.

Data Breach Research

We will work with company owners to establish if any of their data has been breached, we can scan the dark web and the surface web for any clues to see if you are already the unwitting victim of a data breach

Web Application Testing

Testing a web application using the exact same techniques the rogue hackers use to proactively find weaknesses in a system before it’s too late

Social Engineering Testing

Easily the most manipulatable part of any system is not the hardware or software but what we refer to as the “wetware”. We will work diligently with company owners to find flaws and weaknesses in their physical security. Our most recent successful hack was achieved via the front door!

Security Configuration

We work with companies to successfully configure their cybersecurity posture and have an intimate knowledge of their working systems, together we can advance your security in the ever changing world of cybersecurity

Managed Security

Work with any of team to manage your companies security in the ever changing but potentially dangerous world of the internet

Complete Security Audit

Do you reset your acceptable use policies every three months? Let us take care of it with a comprehensive review and targeted re-alignment

Compliance Assessment

Are you up to date with modern technology facing your company, one or more of our team will gladly work with you to achieve a cyber secure mindset and forward thinking posture

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